Grimaldi Gourmet

We will reset your standards for Ravioli


I’m an Italian gourmand who loves to create amazing ravioli.

“I grew up in restaurants and learned the art of Italian cooking the hard way – my mother’s wooden spoon across my knuckles. I take the foundation of traditional Italian cooking and inject the creativity inspired by all genres of cuisine… and when it works… it REALLY works.”

-Paul Grimaldi | Ravioli Artist

Paul Grimaldi has been cooking Italian cuisine since he was a young boy…

He grew up in Syracuse, NY and learned
his way around the kitchen from his Sicilian Family. After years if making the same family four-cheese ravioli, Paul decide to get creative and added some pureed spinach to the dough and filling.

The first ” Grimaldi Gourmet” ravioli was created! Working in restaurants along the East Coast, Paul discovered ravioli ravioli ideas hiding in every dish he prepared. Now, Paul can turn anything on a plate into an intriguing ravioli Filling with a Flavor enhancing custom dough. All you have to do is ask the chef!

New Ravioli Creations

Smoked salmon, Swiss cheese & sour cream / lemon dill dough.
Lobster Thermadore / Saffron dough.
Rosemary chicken, shrimp & smoked gouda cheese/ egg dough.
Roasted lamb, port wine, cheese/ spinach dough.
Shrimp & crab with sour cream/ Cajun dough.
Veal, arugula, fontina cheese /lemon-black pepper dough.
Scallop with Borsih cheese/lemon dough.
Spinach & sausage/garlic dough.
Gumbo ravioli with chicken, shrimp, sausage / cajun dough.
Alligator ravioli / Cajun dough.
Columbian pork / mezza luna (empanada).
Perogis, carmelized onions, potatos, & three cheeses.
Ham, Swiss & potatos.


Stuffed Filled Pasta
Manicotti $1.75 ea
Jumbo Shells $1.25 ea
Cannelloni $1.95 ea

Half Pan $40.00
Full Fan $75.00

Spicy Meatballs
$12.00 per dozen

Luna & Mezza Luna
call for pricing

Gift Baskets Available
Pasta, sauce, breadsticks
cheese, and fruit

Dough Flavors
All Natural Ingredients!
Whole Wheat
Garlic Parmigiana

Handmade Ravioli

12 – $ 7.25
20 – $12.00
60 – $33.00

12 – $9.00
20 – $15.00
60 – $54.00

12 – $11.50
20 – $19.00
60 – $54.00

Seafood Mix
12 – $15.00
20 – $25.00
60 – $70.00

Lobster or Crab
12 – $18.00
20 – $30.00
60 – $90.00

Dessert Ravioli
Apple Crisp
Strawberry Cognac
Key Lime Cheese Cake

Meat Ravioli

Bolognese (Seasoned Meat with a Merepoix Mix)
Chicken choriza (Blue Chz, Mushroom, & Rstd Red Pepper)
Chicken Cacciatore (Peppers, Onions, Mushrooms, & Tomatoes)
Smoked Cheddar & Roasted Chicken
BBQ Pilled Pork & Pepper Jack Cheese
Veal Italiano
Philly (Steak & Cheese with Peppers & Onions)
Fried Mexican Ravi (Queso Dip, Salsa, &Chicken)

Lobster Ravioli

Lobster Thermador (Mirepoix, Mustart, Worcestershire, & Mushroom)
Lobster Wewburg (Mirepoix, Mushroom, Parmigina, & Shany Wine) Seafood
MariMonte (Shrimp, Chicken, Rosemary & Portabella Mushroom)
Shrimp & Crab (Sour Cream, Scallion, & Pepper Jack Cheese)
Shrimp & Scallop (Cream Chz, Ginger, Scallion, & Swiss Cheese)
Salmon Artichoke (Swiss & Dill in Lemon Pepper Dough)